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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in vacaville this morning. police investigate an explosion at a mans house as he picked up a newspaper. uncertainty in san pablo. a state of emergency has been declared as a hillside continues to crumble and threaten homes. barry bonds' perjury trial enters this week. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news.
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good morning, thank you for waking up with us i'm pam cook it's monday, march 28th. pretty wild weekend weather wise. it seems like it's clearing up. >> this week will be much quiter. we did have lingering rain over the weekend. there is still some residual clouds around. fair and warmer. a little difference in the morning low. take a look at the next couple of days here. here is sal. steve, right now traffic on highway 4 looks good with no major problems there. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on the frays here in oakland. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. topping our news this morning a shocking crime that is getting national attention. police in vacaville are warning everyone to watch out for suspicious packages. ktvu kraig debro has a story of a man that was seriously hurt
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when his sunday morning newspaper exploded . >> reporter: police have not released the name of that man. members of the vacaville and travis air force base bomb squader called in to help with the investigation. it happened yesterday around 10:20 in the morning. the victims daughter-in-law tells ktvu that the man cooked breakfast and walked outside to get the paper. seconds after that after picking up a newspaper something inside exploded. >> my son don't ever want to play outside again because we walk down to the corner and they saw him laying there. i kid could not have surprised that explosion. >> reporter: the victim was air lifted to uc davis medical center. police don't know if the man was targeted for if this was a
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random act. we will make a call to the police to get the mans identity for to find out if this was a random act. reporting in vacaville kraig debro . on the storm watch people in san pablo are starting off the week with the uncertainty of their homes. a landslide on a hill is threatening several homes in that neighborhood. yesterday that forced tree trimmers to cut down six large trees all in an effort to stop them from crashing down two homes. this all comes after a similar slide about 30 years ago. >> the information and the fact they found out as neighbors come by it's just amazing. this entire i guess track shouldn't have never been built. >> the city of san pablo
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declared a state of emergency yesterday. the board of supervisors will vote on the proclamation tomorrow. the city of pleasanton hopes to restore water service today to hundreds of people that have had to boil or treat their tap water since friday. that is when a mud slide effected water service to 150 homes in the kill care canyon area. crews restored some water service saturday but that water is still not safe to drink. this emergency crews in santa cruz county get back top work in scotts valley. they are helping the dozens of families cut off from their homes by last weeks big rock slide. crews are working on a temporary access road but the tractor said they sat idol to avoid the sunday double time pay. it will take two more days to complete work on that temporary road. >> cars will be able to drive it. whether or not they will be able to with stand the number of residents over a longer duration could be a problem.
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crews have not even started work to remove that massive rock slide. that's because geologist say it's still moving and unstable. the city ofcap tole la hopes funding is on the way. a broken drainage pipe failed after heavy rainfall on saturday. sending a stream of water into a mobile home park. it was the second failure in three days after the pipe ruptured on thursday. now homeowners business owners and landlords all have thousands of dollars in repair bills. >> it's going to take a lot. the problem is a lot of the tenants don't have the dollars to do it. so it has to pitch in and help them financially and with their labor. >> the city council held an emergency meeting yesterday to declare a local state of emergency. that's the first step in seeking help from fema.
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we do have a slide show of pictures from that flooding damage in capatola on our website. you can find up to date weather information any time. just click on the storm tracker tab on in a few hours testimony resumes in the perjury trial of barry bonds'. bonds' former mistress is about top take the stand today-- is about to take the stand today. prosecutors are trying to prove that bonds lied when he told the grand jury he never knowingly took steroids. also today the confessed killer of oakland journalist chauncey bailey is scheduled to resume his testimony today. broussard began testifying
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against yusuf bey the iv. he's accused of ordering bailey east death in 2007. macky is the alleged get away driver. later this morning pg&e will take steps to avoid being fined. pg&e is scheduled to appear before a judge and the california public utilities commission. the executives will attempt to explain why they did not turn over safety records following the san bruno pipeline explosion. starting today you will not see any cable cars running on san francisco's three routes. the powell mason line will be shut down until friday. the municipal transit district is doing maintenance on the tracks and district. tourists can also get their san francisco experience by riding one of the other two cable car
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rides. let's check in with sal. >> we are doing well to start off this commute. the traffic continues to look good if yaw are driving on -- if you are driving on 80 westbound. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are off to a nice start here. you can see traffic is looking good on 280 northbound getting up into the valley. so if you will have to ease yourself into a good monday commute right now is a good time to do it. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. and i can honestly say this week will be much quiter for me and not as bad if you're having to commute because the storm track is going north and everything points toward fair, dry, and warmer weather. maybe. but it does look more positive for sunshine and warmer weather. we still have a lot of low clouds around. tough to get rid of that. there will be a trend of drier weather. santa rosa 39 to 59.
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temperatures will continue to be 30s for some. 40s for others. or low 50s. if you have the cloud cover some of that is low clouds. everything else instead of coming this way right on top of us stays to the north. everything has changed in a big way. warmer weather is getting its act together. it starts today. it takes us into midweek and upper 70s to near 80s. today mostly sunny. now morning low clouds. it will be just a little tad warmer there. 58-68. mid 60s for many. 67 antioch. 67 morgan hill. i'm happy to say the warmer weather starts to show itself. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and probably into friday. but we'll see slight cooling on the weekend. i wouldn't cancel any plans like we had to do the last three weekends. >> that's for sure. >> the international air strikes continue to hit libya. the forces taking control of the mission and the national
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address expected from president obama later today. planes engulf a three story apartment building. the people still missing this morning after that large explosion and fire. good morning, highway 4 westbound pretty good getting up to the willow pass grade.
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we have some low clouds
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around. the trend is to get the clouds out of here and have a mostly sunny and warmer day. in fact, the week looks warmer by wednesday. maybe upper 70s to near 80. today mid 60s. a san jose snow border has been found dead. 22-year-old phillip walker was with his brother and friend on saturday when he disappeared. his body was found in a tree well. they say he may have crashed into that tree. seven people are still missing in canada after an apartment building explosion. this video shows the scene in wood stock, ontario yesterday. you can see the char of the three-story building. people that lived inside the building said the flames started after a loud explosion that made the ground shake. in addition to the seven people still missing, seven others are
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injured. nato has agreed to take over all military operations in libya including air strikes. nato forces are already in charge of enforcing the no fly zone over libya. yesterday they agreed to expand its mission to protect civilians from attack. the libyan government accuses the west of interfering in the country's affairs. >> you want oil. oil is thicker than blood for many western governments. >> nato will implement all aspects of the u.n. resolution. nothing more, nothing less. >> since the air strikes began, rebel forces have been able to retake two key oil cities. they are continuing to advance westward toward tripoli. president obama will speak about america's involvement in
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libya. ktvu will cover it live. . in japan a tsunami warning that had been issue the following a 6.1 after shock has been canceled. today japanese officials say radiation from that damaged nuclear plant is spreading to sea water and soil faster than originally thought. workers are racing to pump out the radio active water inside the plant. the water must be removed before work can continue to power up that plant's cooling system. san francisco will join more than 150 other u.s. cities tonight holding vigils for the people of japan. it begins at 7:00 tonight right across from city hall. the vigil is to show solidarity with the people of japan and call for the end of nuclear power. today is the 32nd an verse i have -- anniversary of the three mile accident.
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a fundraiser in napa raised $20,000 for the victim in japan. 200 people attended last nights event. that included performances and a silent auction. napa and japan have been center cities since the early 70s. san diego police are trying to find out why a sailboat capsized killing two men. it happened yesterday afternoon around 5:00 in the san diego harbor. all ten people that were on board were pulled from the water. two men were pronounced dead at the scene. the other eight were taken to local hospitals but police say none of the injuries is serious. the disappearance of 24- year-old woman from a cruise ship in mexico has sparked an international investigation. rebecca of england was last
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seen on monday where he lived and worked as a crew member. the ship was off the coast when she vanished. her parents spoke with police and said not knowing what happened was difficult. >> it's painful the thought of not seeing her again. >> the ship is registered in the bahamas. authorities from that country are leading the investigation. mexican authorities and u.s. coast guard officials are also involved. this morning san francisco police are still looking for whoever shot a man to death near a south of market nightclub. police identified that victim as 23-year-old joshua mcclain of richmond. officers found him inside a car. friends told police that mcclain had been shot two miles away in a parking lot at six
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and jesse street. another man was hurt in that shooting but is expected to survive. several bay area cities will be getting some needed help to fight gang violence. later this morning readers die jest representatives will present san jose and menlo park leaders each a $1,000 check. tomorrow they will be in san francisco and oakland on wednesday. that morning will be used to provide activities for at risk youths during the summer. the cities were chosen as part of the safe summer initiative online sweep stakes tallying votes by readers. thousands of fans gather to watch pop star britney spears in a comeback concert in san francisco. the bill graham auditorium was packed with fans yesterday. many of them lined up since early in the morning. that concert was free but still ended up costing some fans a lot of money when the tickets
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went online. >> i had five computers going and my family members and we still couldn't get the tickets. so we paid for them. >> conspiracy performed -- spears performed three songs from her newly released album. on thursday the aquarium welcomed its fourth giant pacific octopus. the newest resident weighs more than 80 pounds and purchased from a local crab fisherman. they are often caught by crab fishermen. well thousands of runners hit the streets of oakland. the local man and woman that finished in the front of the pack will become a national event. baseball is back in the bay area. how you can help out a good cause when you go to tonights giant and a's preseason game.
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welcome back to the morning news. along the big sur coast people are able to travel to and from their homes today four days after a rock slide covered highway one. they cleared the rock slide. the chp began escorting people through that slide area. but 15 miles north of big sur part of highway one is still closed after a large section of it fell into the ocean two weeks ago. cal tran says it will take one month and $25 million to repair the highway. yosemite national park is open to visitors today after it was battered by recent storms. crews have been working for the past week to clear snows and fallen trees. power was finally restored on saturday after a rock slide
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brought down transmission pole. it looks like we are getting back to normal after these strong storms. >> they are doing pretty well. traffic continues to look good on interstate 680. also this morning we are looking at the commute that is driving pretty well. that traffic is continuing to look very nice. if you are driving on westbound bay bridge approach so far so good coming into san francisco. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we do have partly cloudy skies. there is low clouds around. the jet stream i have been business -- i have been busy, busy. highs near 80 degrees. i know you probably just fell down. it's true. and maybe for awhile as well. it wouldn't surprise me.
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we had a long stretch of rain. we need top get drier weather in here. 39 santa rosa. san jose low 50s. concord 45. hayward and livermore 49. san jose will start off at 50 with cloudy to mostliy skies. they will burn off. there is not much to support it. today is the transition day. you can see where everything is last week it was doing this. right into our area. it's heading right toward seattle and portland. today though a little bit warmer and a lot a bit warmer as we head toward tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. tomorrow will jump up into the 70s. today will be mostly sunny after patchy low clouds. it will be slightly warmer. upper 50s to low 60s near the coast. there will be a few locations
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kind of flirting with upper 60s. tomorrow won't be a problem. we'll have mostly sunny and warmer weather. we'll see 70s and upper 70s. that deserves a woo hoo. saturday and sunday will be cooler. pam. thank you. >> baseball is back in the bay area tonight. the san francisco giants and oakland a's will face off at at & t park. it's the first time the giants will be back on the home field since beating the texas rangers in the world series. first pitch is 7:15 and at the game the giants will collect donations for the northern japan earthquake release fund. if you didn't know vcu you do now. they are still celebrating this morning after a basketball team defied the odds and made it
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into the final four. they will base butler saturday. one las vegas gambling experts say the odds were 13,000-1 against vcu reaching the final four. the university of kentucky and connecticut will play in the other semi final. 26-year-old anna of berkeley and 29-year-old tigonu he is from san jose he came in first in the mens and womens races. yesterdays event brought out 7,000 runners to the streets of oakland. it shows a different side of the city while boosting the local economy. >> they estimate we'll have $2 million spent today in the city of oakland. >> business owners say the bay area is a desirable place for a marathon and runners and families to visit.
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people from 35 different states and six different countries participated in the event. squeeze into the slammer. why bay area jails could be getting more crowded in the near future. and a controversial part of the bay bridge is getting high praise this morning. why contractors lover the s- curve. as we go to break. here is a live look outside. we are looking forward to sun and warmer temperatures this week. steve paulson will have another check at your temperatures coming up in a few minutes.
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in vacaville this morning police are trying to discover the motive behind yesterday's powerful explosion. well last week and the week before was rain, rain, rain. i'm happy to say this week it will not be that way. how warm will it get? also week two of the barry bonds' trial starts today. which of his closest friends is set to take the trial? good morning, thank you for joining us. it's


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